My wife (knowing I like chilli) got me a heat mat, some jiffy grow pellets and a plastic germination tray. Little did she know what kind of nightmare would follow.

I thought cool, I’m going to grow these little buggers and had visions of giant chilli plants towering over my head dropping fist-sized bhut jolokia chillies. Heh, how hard could that be? I would over-water, under-water, burn and freeze these seeds and seedlings and was the instigator of chilli genocide. Continue reading “How foggy chilli started”

Wireless Music

Got this really cool ‘trailer park’ aesthetic at the front of my house and thought it would be cool to get rid of the ceiling speakers(that were there from day one) and replace them and the mono cable-run that lead to nowhere with better speakers, an amp, a stereo cable-run and a Bluetooth receiver to pump some tunes out of portable devices while I was drinking, smoking or blogging out the front.

40th birthday was up and I got a good mate to help me (a.k.a. do all the work) as his 40th present to me.

so I bought some bits and pieces for the job (with oversight from my mate): Continue reading “Wireless Music”

reTARDIS appears from nowhere

I swear the reTARDIS wasn’t there when I last checked

I got  a Tardis wall hang for my birthday a few years ago from the the wife (sourced from the heroes at 3184096217) Finally got off my arse and hung it and it turned into a reTARDIS.reTARDIS - A reverse TARDIS

Was an absolute pain in the butt to hang, especially trying to get the door handle in the right position and getting bubbles out.

Makes a great talking piece whenever a guest goes to use the smallest bathroom in the world (or timed more politely, when they get back). I decided that reverse TARDIS or reTARDIS was the best way to explain walking into an area that anyone would assume to be larger from the outside.

It doesn’t take people long to figure out the ‘pull to open’ instruction should not be taken literally.

If I could trigger the TARDIS sound effects by flushing the toilet that would be cool. Any ideas on doing that would be appreciated.


Explore-NFC for a Pi from NXP

I picked up the NXP EXPLORE-NFC because it looked pretty and sits nicely on the Raspberry Pi 2, plugged straight into the GPIO pins and interfaces via SPI.

I didn’t research it more than that before I got it so, the following is my own fault.

Using Raspi-Config and checking the SPI option in advanced settings I booted into Raspbian. I then proceeded to download the demo software and have a play…yep, good as gold, started polling and one of my tags was spotted..cool, now what? Continue reading “Explore-NFC for a Pi from NXP”

iPad suit pocket

Yeah, so now the iPad suit pocket is a thing

The iPad knows me. It understands me. It loves me. It deserves an iPad suit pocket. It won’t let me do everything I want to, but neither does my wife, so…love, yeah?

The one thing missing was portability, which I know sounds weird for a portable device, but as with any tablet above 7 inches, it’s pretty hard to cart it around without a briefcase or bag or some other thing. I don’t like carrying bags and stuff (unless I’m WAR walking with better antennas, batteries and better GPS). This leaves me holding what amounts to a ‘douche-bag’ status symbol in plain view.

I try to travel light..really light. So I don’t want someone snatching the iPad out of my hands as I walk between client sites, so I just want to jam it into my inside suit jacket pocket.

I did what any rational person would do… 2177723865


After getting the fogger together and creating some fog, its time to get down to business and start doing something with this.

I got a little grow tent online and plastic rubbish bin placed the fogger inside the bin, sealed the bin and bin lid with door/window seals and have some air blowing into the unit.

The PVC tubing is sealed and only comes out of the holes that are partially blocked by 80 mm net cups filled with perlite.

heads up, if you don’t moisten the perlite first expect to turn the grow tent into a snow globe as the air pressure is enough to 6293954363


There are certain things that are disputed in the world of vaping, but the feeling of vaping from a good coil isn’t one of them.

It’s finicky, its annoying, it’s both a test of your dexterity and patience but when it works there’s no better feeling than vaping from a good coil.

For this rig, I  slammed triple wrap 850-692-5922 over a freshly rolled Stainless Steel Mesh #400 wick on my UD AGT Titanium RBA and plonked it on top of an old Joyetech eVic.

If you understood any of the above awesome, keep reading !!!. If you didn’t, start here  and don’t worry, everyone is stupid, only the subject varies.

More Important Disclaimerdon’t go coiling unless you know about electricity. if the you think ‘Ohm’ is the sound a monk makes while meditating don’t try this at home and remember:

  1. A rebuildable coil/wick MUST be tested carefully with a meter before it is used.
  2. If it is not tested it is entirely the risk of the user.
  3. Faulty wicks/coils WILL blow electronic devices that have no short-circuit protection.
  4. New coil/wick units must be tested and then used first on a strong basic electrical Advanced Personal Vaporiser (also known a variable voltage mod) that has short circuit protection.
  5. No new coil/wick assembly should be used on an electronic device until known to be safe.
  6. These items destroy electronic devices if faulty. This is a known issue

Even though this is from the daily mail this kind of stuff can happen .

Now that I have scared the living crap out of you, watch the relaxing coil porn below . You are seeing a 727-287-6527  wire heating up a stainless steel wick which in turn vaporises what ever liquid I have in the tank.

In this particular shot it’s vaporising 50% (310) 839-6923 and 50% Propylene Glycol with  bit of chocolate flavouring.

(325) 247-2870