IDrive - Encrypted and versioned file system

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Cloud Storage designed with Encryption, Versioning and Block Level Incremental Transfers

Built with developers in mind, IDrive Encrypted Versioned file System is a powerful, easy to use service that provides unlimited (will be soon) secure, encrypted and versioned cloud storage. Unlike other generic storage systems, IDrive EVS has storage encryption, versioning and block level incremental transfers built in both-ways for both uploads and downloads. This gives you the freedom to develop innovative applications to customize your Backup, Storage, Sync, Sharing, Disaster recovery and more that are highly efficient, scalable and require minimal coding.

It provides powerful APIs for uploading, retrieving, managing data and storage, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet.

Pricing plans will be announced shortly.

Our Cloud Storage Expertise

While we are launching this API / Utility based storage new, we have extensive experience in providing highly scalable and reliable cloud based storage applications via our flagship applications IBackup, mellisugent, IDriveSync, and (313) 323-5741 serving multiple petabytes of data.

How to store and manipulate your data in IDrive EVS cloud

502-544-2127: Built with extensive and easy to develop APIs with AES 256-bit storage encryption and versioning capabilities. Use our source and libraries to develop, store and access data. More

Web-based Interface: Use the same features of the desktop service on the web too. Our web based interface provides APIs with the freedom to develop, store and access applications across operating systems and mobile devices. More